Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) – Special services for Industrial clients. We under takes various type of test depending upon application of industrial lubricants. Our Analysis of test results & advice help clients to prolong life of lubricants and machines and at the same time it can help to save energy.

Industrial oil filtration services – To remove different type of impurities and contamination including water/moisture. A high level filtration service also help to maintain NAS level in lubricants like Hydraulic & Turbine oils.

Thermic System Flushing - Under this service we remove hard carbon deposition in complete or partial thermic system by our oil based flushing chemicals. This will improve thermal conductivity and fuel efficiency of system.

Consultancy for Lubricant Plants- Highly experienced senior team of Proton Industries provides consultancy for establishing new lubricant plant. Our services ranges from Formulations of different lubricant, testing of raw material and finished goods to advice on purchasing plant & laboratory equipments.